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Industrial chic

Industrial chic. It sounds contradictory, but you can combine a chic interior with industrial elements. This produces a warm, luxurious and yet sturdy whole.

Chic interior
In a chic interior, beautiful and above all high-quality basic materials are important. Think of velvet, (artificial) leather, suede, marble, wood and gold-colored metal. This effortlessly creates a luscious, warm look.

Neutral colors are best suited for a chic interior. Colors like brown, beige, gray, green and black. Make sure you have enough daylight so that your interior doesn't get too dark. In the evening, a fireplace is ideal. Candles are also suitable mood makers.

In terms of ornaments, you can really show off with a chic interior. A beautifully framed painting, gold-colored figurines, a luxurious vase with flowers, here and there some velvet cushions… Pretend that you are decorating the hotel room of a monarch, and have fun.

The combination with industrial
You already know the principle of an industrial interior. In this popular living style, rough edges remain visible as much as possible. The brick of the wall, the concrete of the floor, the pipes along the ceiling; you do not hide them or as little as possible. In this way they become part of the interior, which exudes a strong atmosphere.

In addition, in an industrial interior, much use is made of materials such as wood, leather and metal. Furniture often has an 'openwork' appearance. For example, the cords of an industrial lamp are not carefully concealed. Show me!

Industrial chic
By now combining a chic interior with industrial elements, you get an exciting yet harmonious whole. Think of the combination of luxury and tough. A velvet chair with a matte black metal base. An industrial lamp above a marble table. Unleash your creativity. This way you come to something timeless and unique!

Industrial chic design at Dami Living
Are you wondering which items from Dami Living fit in an industrial chic interior? Then take a look below. For questions or advice we can always be reached by telephone or email.


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