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You've probably seen an old factory hall or workshop inside. An industrial interior wants to breathe the atmosphere you will find there. So think of a sober interior, natural tones and raw materials such as metal and concrete. An industrial interior is tough, clear and functional.

Has your interest been aroused, and do you want such an interior? How to do it:


In an industrial interior you use robust materials. We have listed the most important ones for you:

Indispensable in an industrial interior. Think of sofas and chairs with a metal base, a steel filing cabinet, stair railings of scaffolding tube ... All easy to maintain, of course extremely strong, and with the desired tough look.

What is a house without wood? It is about the most versatile material there is, and therefore fits perfectly in your industrial interior.
A large table with a recycled wood top can be a powerful eye-catcher. This also applies to wooden sliding doors. Or wooden support beams against the ceiling. Plenty of options.
An advantage of wood is that it brings warmth to your interior. Certainly an advantage with industrial furnishing. Moreover, it has character. And that's exactly what you want from your interior: that it has character!

Stone and concrete
An important feature of an industrial interior is that it looks unpolished. Building materials and structures that are normally concealed may be seen correctly.

Do you have a brick wall? Leave him partially or completely bare. A concrete wall ditto. You can apply a lick of white or black paint on it. As long as the structure remains visible. That's how you keep it unpolished. And if you want to dress up your wall a bit more, there is also wallpaper available with a realistic brick print.

Leather or artificial leather fits perfectly in this type of interior. Especially if it looks a little weathered. You can think of a large brown sofa, or a slim chair with leather upholstery and a metal base. Leather looks natural, is easy to clean, and if it has the right color it gives your interior a warm touch.

Lamps come in all shapes and sizes. With industrial lamps you can think of factory lamps, retro desk lamps made of metal, or just bare pears. Again, the following applies: not too polished, and things like cords are not hidden, they are shown.

An industrial interior needs sober shades. The basic colors are white, gray and black. You apply some heat with wood and leather. By placing a well-chosen ornament here and there with a brighter color, you add extra variety.

With an industrial establishment, less is more. Beware of too many frills. A few large, functional objects, such as a table, a metal cupboard or a sofa, are the main eye-catchers. Yet you can also make some nice decorations in this type of interior. Think of a few plants. A carpet here and there. Or a factory clock.

Industrial design at Dami Living
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